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2023 sees the completion of our largest project to date, our longest project to date, and a spectacular double orangery extension.

Here’s a summary of our year!


We kicked off 2023 with the completion of our double orangery extension project that we completed in North Willingham, near Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. This is one of our favourite projects to date, not just because they are lovely people but also because the transformation of this 1970s bungalow has been a joy to be a part of, with the result being absolutely stunning.

Click here to learn more about this project.


In February, we had porch week where we answered your questions about porches and had a porch giveaway. This was our apprentice Blakes first project that he completed by himself. We have really enjoyed having him as part of our team and watching his skill progress over the past 18 months and we look forward to seeing his talent develop further in 2024. If you missed our blog about porches please feel free to check it out here.


March saw us finish a sling brace gazebo in Flawborough near Nottingham and secure our largest project to date – this amazing oak barn near Mansfield. After developing the design with the client, we were excited to be commissioned to complete and install the frame.


In April, we completed this beautiful atrium window near Newark, as part of a larger extension project. We were also commissioned to complete a large glazed porch at the same site. We believe our repeat work demonstrates better than anything the quality of our frames and the customer service we offer our clients.


May saw the completion of a couple of fairly spectacular porches for our ‘porch guy’ Ross, as well as this gorgeous oak framed carport in Flawborough, near Nottingham. We have seen Ross grow into his role in the company over the past 18 months – he has begun working solo on our larger and more complex frames. We have some exciting projects in the pipeline with Ross’ name on them, so watch this space.


June saw us complete another sling brace gazebo near Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, in one of the most stunning gardens we have ever had the privilege to work in.


July was a big month for us as we erected the large frame for the oak barn down in Sutton-in-Asfield near Mansfield. Spanning 13m x 13m, this is one of the largest single frames we have completed to date. Headed up by James, our workshop Director, this frame is absolutely stunning, both as an overall picture, but also the individual detailing in each frame is very impressive.


Our August milestone was more of a personal one, as we finally achieved sign off on our own barn conversion project. Comprising of 7 King Post trusses, 3 sling brace frames, a hammer beam truss and a large oak atrium window, we have our timber framing stamp all over this project. It has taken over 7 years to reach this point so has been quite the marathon. To learn more about this, and how personal this project is to us, please read here.


September saw us complete the large glazed porch as part of the overall extension project near Newark. The overall effect next to the large atrium window has really transformed this property and offered some incredible curb appeal.


October was very much the month of juggling work! With a summer house, 6 bay car port, gazebo, oak barn, and log store in progress we didn’t know if we were coming or going!


November saw the completion of this beautiful pond gazebo. A unique design offering some very lucky fish a beautiful shelter. Still to be tiled, we absolutely love this gazebo and can’t wait to see it in its full glory on final completion.


December brings the mad rush of everyone wanting completion on their projects and our tired team working long hours ensuring we keep everyone happy whilst maintaining our high standards. We are working hard to complete a summer house, 6 bay car port, log store, the oak barn and erect a mansard orangery!

It also though brings the staff night out where we let our hair down and drink one too many!

We would like to thank our team and all our customers of 2023 as we look forward to a bright 2024 with many new and exciting projects.