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Do I need Planning permission? How much does a porch cost? Does my porch need foundations? These are just a few of the questions we will answer.

A new porch is an easy way to transform the entrance to your home. However, as with all home renovation works, there are considerations to factor in. To keep life simple, Top Barn Timber Frames Ltd. based in Osgodby, Lincolnshire have put together a quick checklist of some of the most common porch questions.

How much does an oak porch cost?

A nice oak porch will typically cost you in the region of £3,000 – £6,000, depending on size and complexity. At the low end of the price range, you can pick up a simple canopy porch for around £1,500. At the other end of the scale you can get a fully enclosed glazed porch from around £8,000 and upwards.

Do I need planning permission for a porch?

For the majority of people, you do not need planning permission for a porch as it is considered permitted development. If your porch exceeds 3m2 or 3m in height however you would require planning, and if your porch is less than 2m from a highway you would also need permission. If you live in a conservation area you should always check before starting any building alterations.

Does my porch need to be built from oak?

Green oak is a commonly used material for porches as it is strong and weathers nicely. However, there are cheaper alternatives; at Top Barn Timber Frames we will happily offer an alternative quote using Douglas Fir, which can offer a 60% saving on the timber costs (depending on the wholesale market price).

Does a porch need foundations?

Short answer for this is yes. If your porch is a simple truss and post design, we would usually sit the posts on staddle stones and lay concrete pad foundations to support the stones. Where your porch is sitting on a dwarf wall, you will need foundations under the wall.

Will a porch add value to my house?

If your porch is an enclosed space then you are adding square meterage to your property, which automatically adds value. However, even if just considering a canopy, the instant curb appeal will make your property more sellable, therefore adding value!

Do I need building regs on my porch?

You do not need building regulations on your porch. However, any glazing or electrics involved in the new porch need to meet building regulation.

Can I fit a porch myself?

Yes! At Top Barn Timber Frames, all our porches are built using traditional methods with mortice and tenoned joints and pegged together. That means we can supply you a porch in kit form and you can construct it yourself like a big jigsaw puzzle on site.

What is the maximum size of a porch?

Technically there is no maximum size of a porch. That being said, if you are wanting to fit it within permitted development, it needs to be no more than 3m2 and no higher than 3m. Any bigger than this and you would require planning permission.

Does a porch make a house warmer?

Yes. Porches help make your home warmer by reducing draughts through your front door. The extra enclosed space works as a pocket of insulation around your entrance way, and also prevents the cold air getting in as people enter and leave the house.

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