Top Barn

This project is our own barn conversion in Osgodby, Lincolnshire, where our workshops are based. We started this project back in 2016, when Top Barn was nothing more than dilapidated farm barns with roofs caving in and the crew yard used for cattle in the winter.

As an E-plan barn there was a lot of scope on the site, but with all sections requiring significant structural works, and either new roofs completely or significant repairs, it has been a slow process. We started with the central section, 30m long x 4m wide, which was once a home to pigs. The entire roof needed replacing, with the brick pillars needing re-building and stabilising. We made this roof up of 7 king post trusses, 1 constructed using oak, and the other 6 utilising douglas fir – a cost saving option.

During fit out, we have chosen to paint many of the douglas fir trusses to great effect, and a lovely contrast to the oak work across the conversion.

The two-storey section of the barn had slight bowing in the brick walls, with significant cracks. Despite passing a structural test, we chose to opt for a full oak frame to take away all strain from the walls and ensure longevity in the structure. This frame has been constructed use 3 sling braces and a hammer beam truss, creating a large open plan, double vaulted kitchen, with an overlooking mezzanine lounge. In addition, we added a two-storey atrium window to allow light to flow into what would have been a dark space. We also converted an old barn doorway into a large single pane glass window offering spectacular un-broken garden views and natural light.

This project has been a slow moving labour of love, but has also been our wedding venue, birth place of our daughter and now resting place for our beloved dog Teddy.

We welcome perspective clients to book in to have a look around at the detail of our work and discuss your own project. In addition to photos found on our company Instagram page you can also see more photos of Top Barn at @Top.Barn and follow the continuing progress across our conversion.

This project includes;

– Double storey oak frame incorporating 3 sling braces.
– 1 Oak hammer beam truss
– 1 Oak king post truss
– 6 Douglas-fir king post trusses
– Double storey oak atrium
– Large oak window